The Next Big Race: Swim the Suck, October 2015

Tennessee River Gorge, site of Swim the Suck. Photo by Blueway via Wikimedia Commons

October 2015 update: I swam Swim the Suck on October 10, and it was fantastic. See my race report here.

Big news here at the 10 Mile Swim: I have registered for Swim the Suck! It’s a 10 mile swim in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And it’s a hip race; it’s a cool race — in 2014 registration reached capacity in 27 minutes. Last Sunday at noon, I was anxiously refreshing my browser, trying to get in. And it worked. I don’t know exactly how fast the 100 slots filled up this year, but registration was closed when I looked again a few hours later.

Why is Swim the Suck a hot race? The swim is ten miles downstream in the Tennessee River Gorge, a canyon surrounded by the Cumberland Mountains. Go check out the website, with videos of previous races: the scenery is stunning, and the swimmers look like they are having the time of their lives.

Also, it is sponsored by MoonPie.

When I swam the 10 mile swim at Lake Minnetonka last July, a couple of the participants were talking about how they really wanted to do Swim the Suck, and I thought that I’d better check it out. And Chattanooga is practically up the street from me. I hope to see friends. I hope to make friends!

The 6th Annual Swim the Suck is October 10, 2015. I can’t wait!

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