10 mile swim

It isn't far to swim when you have friends waiting at the end.

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We’re Home

The Man in the Black Swimsuit said to me today, as he got into the lane next to me, “We’re home!” And we are: my home pool, which had been closed since Dec 9, opened this week. There weren’t many swimmers for a couple of days, but traffic has been picking up, and today most of the regular midday crowd was there.

The director of campus recreation saw me as I was coming in and asked me how I liked the renovated pool. I said it was great: the water is clear, and C the lifeguard is looking out for me. And it’s true: when I walked in on Monday, C asked me what my mileage goal was for the year. I told him that it’s 500 miles (he knows I’m doing the USMS Go the Distance program), and I told him about my plans for the 10 mile swim, and he’s been asking about my yardage every day since. On Thursday, I did my long swim of 6600 yards, and when I stopped for a drink around 5000, he yelled encouragement from the lifeguard stand, “You can do it!”

It’s good to be home.