Swimming (and Sleeping) like a Shark

It’s not all wine and roses here at the 10 Mile Swim blog. In fact, there are no roses (not complaining, just describing) and surprisingly little wine (complaining). It has been a difficult week. Three problems converged:

1) Things got crazy at work.
2) Things got crazy at home.
3) I got sick.

The first real sign that I was in trouble came while I was swimming Wednesday. I came to in the middle of the pool with no idea what I was doing. This wasn’t my usual experience of losing count, wondering whether I had swum 300 yards or 350. I didn’t know what I was swimming. I was swimming backstroke, but was I doing a backstroke set? IMs? How long were the intervals?

I finally pieced together that I was doing a set of 200 IMs, even though that meant I must have just swum 50 yards of butterfly, 50 yards I had no memory of. I was sleep swimming.

The week did not improve from there. I swam my standard workout of 4000 yards on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I took Thursday and Friday off. There is no way for me to get to the pool over the weekend (see #1 and #2 above).

The positive spin on this is that I am doing a great job sleeping: in fact, I have developed the ability to sleep and swim at the same time, like a shark.

Sharks are sensitive.

I am going to celebrate my sharkiness for a couple days and try to get back in the pool Monday.

4 thoughts on “Swimming (and Sleeping) like a Shark

  1. What a great spin on a tough week – I think I sleep swim sometimes too! Hope your weekend was restful and that you’re fully recovered soon.

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