10 mile swim

It isn't far to swim when you have friends waiting at the end.

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The Most Beautiful Pool in the World (Is the One You’re Swimming in Right Now)

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S,, and outdoor pools are opening. This morning I swam laps outside for the first time this year: 4000 meters of sunlight on the bottom of the pool.

25 meter pool

The view down the pool. My photo. May 26, 2014.

Usually it takes me a little while to adjust to the 25 meter (instead of 25 yard) length, but this morning I hit every flip turn; my body remembered where the walls are.

You aim for the cross at the end of the lane.

The cross at the end of the lane: get just the right distance from it and flip.  My photo. May 26, 2014.

Is there anything as beautiful as sunlight on the bottom of a pool? If I had money to burn, I would buy these sheets from Snurk:

Image from Colossal. Sheets from Snurk.

I could have happily swum for hours, but there were people waiting for me. I won’t be back to swim laps there for a couple weeks. Soon, though, I’ll be swimming in the outside pool with the summer group on a regular basis.