Out With 2014, In With 2015: The Go the Distance Report

My goal for the 2014 USMS Go the Distance challenge was 500 miles. And as of December 31st I had swum . . .

624 miles!

Screenshot from my USMS flog (fitness log), Dec 31.
Screenshot from my USMS flog (fitness log), Dec 31.

It’s a smidge over 1000 km, which is one megameter (1 Mm). One megameter!

I’ve plotted 1000 km from my house at Free Map Tools, and it looks like this:

1000 K from here
1000 km from my house. Generated by Free Map Tools.

From here to Toronto is 1000 km. I’m just short of Miami in the other direction. I’ve been to Toronto, but I’ve never been to Miami. Coincidence?

I plan to set my goal at 500 miles for 2015 again. I could set it higher, but there’s little incentive; at 500 miles, you get a swimsuit, and there are no prizes for more.

If I estimate 250 swimming days a year (five days a week for fifty weeks), I need to swim 3520 yards each day. We’ll round up to 3600.

And my pool is open today.

Happy New Year!

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