My pool is closing for a month

In six days, my pool is closing for a month. It is not the end of the world. It could be the end of the world–I had a nervous breakdown penciled in for Dec 11–but we have another place to swim, and our people (I love our people) have arranged for us to swim for free at a beautiful pool nearby. For free. I erased the nervous breakdown off my calendar. Really, I shouldn’t complain.

But I love my pool. It may be old and shallow and dark, but it’s mine. I know how far I need to be from the wall to hit the flip turn just right. I know which lane I need to be in to see the pace clock. I know the best shower and the best locker. And I know everybody in that pool, and they know me.

That pool is my Cheers. And Norm can’t just walk into any bar in Boston and have everyone shout his name, can he?

It’s going to be a rough month.

3000 yards.

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